01 Ingenious simplicity

No plastic inlay, no bother

Made of paper, BoingTech RFID labels come off our machines ready to use

Industry leading chip

Our labels equipped with RFID chip from industry leaders NXP™, Alien Technology™, and Impinj™.

Smart antenna design

Our engineers spent years developing an industry unique antenna. The result is a thinner antenna, with equal, if not better, performance.




It's simple

Our labels are available as adhesive labels and hang tags


BoingTech uses less glue, no plastic, and creates less waste than traditional tags

02 Wide product range

We have ready to use, printable RFID adhesive labels and hang tags to suit all item-level labeling applications, including apparel, jewelry, healthcare, cosmetics, logistics, and asset tracking

BoingTech is able to produce RFID tags with your logo and
identity colors

We have a complete range of labels to suit your needs. But if you have specific requirements, our engineers are available to make sure they’re met.

We offer a wide range of ready-to-use labels and hang tags optimized for tagging items of various shapes and sizes

No chain

Due to the big rethinking of how to make our RFID tags, we produce them in a single integrated process under one roof, removing subcontractors and intermediaries
All BoingTech products are exclusively produce of our own manufacture


Certified performance

Certified performance at a lower price You can rely on our RFID labels to deliver the stringent performance you expect for your item-level tagging applications. We are ISO-9001 certified, guaranteeing the high quality of our entire design and manufacturing process

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